Operation Improvement

Leadership is a critical factor in leading an organization to a higher level of performance. As your partner, Parity Health Information & Technology will build your organization, teams, providers, and individual leaders to reach peak performance. Our consultants' goal is to partner with your company to drive transformation in the ever-changing world of healthcare.

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Advisory Services

Today’s health care organizations face specific issues driven by the government, economy, and changing population. Parity Health Information & Technology understands the complexities of standard healthcare business practices — striving for continuous operational improvement, effective reimbursement management, interpersonal skills, and continuous healthcare professional labor shortages. Our client relationships are built on knowledge, collaboration and trust. Our experts’ experience in all aspects of the health and healthcare field make us uniquely qualified to create a road map and consult effectively on the tough topics.

Technical Support

Technology, media, and telecommunications knowledge has become an essential leadership tool for companies across all industries. Parity Health Information & Technology consultants are committed to advising our partners about the right way to leverage technology to improve their operations, develop products, and increase user connections.  Our consultants become highly knowledgeable about the company’s products or applications so that they can assist users, employees, and clients with any issues they may have. Parity understands what a business requires and how we can use technology to reach the business’s goals.

Remote Patient Monitoring

In many areas, the supply of health care providers cannot keep up with the demand for services. The shortage or inadequate distribution of the health care workforce can create barriers to accessing timely and appropriate care, leading to negative health status and creating significant costs for health organizations. Parity’s remote patient monitoring solution enables organizations to remotely monitor and manage high-risk patients with chronic conditions to help control costs, improve care quality and outcomes, and increase access to care for patients living in underserved rural/remote areas.

System Implementation Support

In the ever-changing health information technology industry, partnering with a trusted resource to determine the best form of implementation for new systems is a service you deserve. Parity Health Information & Technology provides advice to various personnel, identifies the root causes of problems, and supplements your existing staff to make sure your business initiatives are realized. Our leadership actively participates with organizations while selecting or implementing a system or when you need to optimize the use of an existing system to ensure quality results. We integrate seamlessly with your team to work together. As a Health IT company, we promise to provide you with comprehensive reports and in-depth knowledge transfer.