Our Focus

Parity Health Information & Technology’s aim is to offer services to our partners in the health and healthcare community to push for change and increase awareness of the incredible solutions within healthcare technology. We are committed to providing healthcare organizations with knowledge-enabled tools to empower them to combat health disparities and inequities faced by the underserved communities. Our services are designed to enable our clients to initiate efforts to improve health equity by making it a systemwide strategic priority and investing in the right resources, infrastructure, and programs.


The mission of Parity Health Information and Technology is to improve the underserved populations health and healthcare by providing healthcare organizations and providers the tools and resources to implement health policies and programs to eliminate health disparities and inequities within the vulnerable at-risk community.


Our vision is to utilize the services we offer to help create a healthcare environment where systemic bias is left in the past and a patient is given the best care regardless of race/ethnicity to achieve the best health outcome.

Our Team of Experts

Parity Health Information and Technology, the senior leadership, are skilled advisors, technicians, clinicians, and project managers dedicating to supporting, defining, and achieving your business goals and objectives while helping you understand an underserved market requires careful planning and consideration. Matching our client's needs with the right consultant is something Parity does remarkably well. We take the time to learn about you and your organization. By understanding your core goals, market competition, structure, and culture, we can identify the best solutions for your organization to break down barriers and create an environment of inclusion. With their diverse set of specialized skills, our experts are dedicated to delivering a high level of satisfaction, support, communication, and productivity. Our team uncovers solutions geared toward addressing your challenges. We help our clients realize that sometimes perception isn't reality. Our experts help your organization to identify the gaps that can help lead you to a robust revenue stream while maintaining the highest levels of care.

Iris P. Frye, MS, MBA, CPHIMS
Founder and Chief Innovator
Charles Frye
President and Managing Partner